A Little Bit About Us

Panoorin is a communications service created to provide social media management by phone. In other words, we deliver a great service that allows you to speak your social media!

By streamlining the process of posting to social media, we offer a personalized solution to everyday social media users, and businesses too!

– Call-in to post on one or multiple social media sites (Including: Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin)
– Fast access to your call-in message box via mobile phone
– Human transcription of your messages before posting
– Messages post within minutes, Or schedule when you’d like your message to be posted
– Grow your content daily as you attract and build your “likes”, Followers, and Connections

Panoorin is developed by 3000 Records. We strive to help our users to keep their content flowing!

Fun Fact!

Do you know what Panoorin means?

Panoorin is a Filipino word that means to watch or view! We take your spoken words, and make them visible on social media!

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