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Below are some questions and answers to give you a good overview of the service!

Question: Will my Facebook or other social media (Twitter, Linkedin) info. be secure?
Answer: Yes absolutely! Your log in info. for your social media accounts will be kept 100% secure. Not only do we keep your info. private, your password is also encrypted on our end.

Question: If I don’t like the message I called in to post, can I delete it?
Answer: Yes, you can delete any message that is posted through Panoorin. Just log into your social media account, and delete the message to have it removed.

Question: What Should I Expect As A New User?
Answer: If you are using Panoorin for the first time you may discover how simple it is to use. However, when calling in it is important to speak clearly for our staff to be able to properly transcribe your message and post it. When you call in to your message box, you can just say what you would like posted. Since your message is transcribed by a human being, you don’t have to worry about computer transcription errors. We’ll do the best we can do post your message to your social media, quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, you get to keep the content flowing easily as you call in to post to social media!

Question: How Do I Call In To Post A Message To Social Media (Ex: Facebook)?
Answer: Once you sign up, your number is activated with Panoorin. That means that, when you call in you will hear a message asking you to leave a message to be posted to social media. Just like leaving a regular voicemail, you simply speak the message you would like to be posted.

Question: Wait! I don’t want the message I leave to be posted word for word! Can’t you post just the main part?
Answer: Don’t worry, we’ll “cut the fat” meaning if you say something like “Hello.. Umm.. I was just calling in because I wanted to post a message saying that I just saw Bon Jovi in concert and it rocked! I’m still singing “Livin’ On A Prayer”, that’s all. We will post to your social media writing only “I just saw Bon Jovi in concert and it rocked! I’m still singing “Livin’ On A Prayer”. Therefore, your message gets posted easily, and looks like you just typed it in.

Question: If I am signed up for your Premium service and want to call in to schedule a message, how do I do this?
Answer: When you call in and leave the message you want posted, at the end of your message you can simply say, “I want this to be posted at 7PM.” or whatever time you want! That’s it! We’ll take it from there and get your message posted at the proper time.

Question: Is my Social Media info. kept private with you guys?
Answer: Yes, we make a 100% effort to keep your info. fully confidential. Your username(s) and password(s) are not shared with anyone when you use Panoorin.

Question: What if I want to upgrade my account?
Answer: If you would like to upgrade your account you can contact us at (800) 532-9822.

Question: What if I need to cancel this service?
Answer: To cancel this service you can call (800) 532-9822. Please allow up to 24 hours for your cancellation notice to take effect.

Question: What if I have more questions?
Answer: Simply use our form below to ask a question, and we’ll get back with you with an answer! Thanks.

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